In prose and verse, I scribble these words ...

List of Poems:

6. Fountain of Knowledge

5. A New Tomorrow - A poem for the under privileged kids.

4. Memories Roar - A flashback.

3. Journey - Love’s journey.

2. A walk in the Park

1. Castle in the air


6. The Fountain of Knowledge

- A song about love, knowledge and love of knowledge.


When you long for the knowledge,

Hunger for its fruits you acknowledge.

Quench your thirst and find your edge:

Go, drink from the fountain of knowledge.


When you immerse in its grace,

Feel the warmth of its embrace.

Listen how your heartbeats race:

Go, drench in the fountain of knowledge.


It is not an illusion and not a delusion;

But is a revolution and a resolution.

Confide in, for your intuition to fruition:

Go, be one with the fountain of knowledge.


5. A New Tomorrow

- A poem dedicated to the downtrodden, less fortunate children


Beyond sky meets the sea

Where sufferings spree

Go the extra mile

To bring a smile


Think the thought

You never sought

Listen unheard voice

Subdued by noise


Lend us an ear

Give us no fear

We need no abhor

We need no war


Extend a hand, teach

When we can’t reach

Lift our spirits

Beyond our limits


We have nothing to offer

Only love and empty coffer

Help us to help you

For a tomorrow that’s new


4. Memories Roar


From the rocks where high waves reach

She stepped onto white sands of the beach

The Bright full moon lit the way

In search of a love went away


Endless horizon turned red in melancholy

Restless waves smashed the shore in agony

She gazed where the sun had waned

Into the horizon where it had shined


Words unspoken and spoken, unheard and heard

Swords they became to a love it marred

Memories deserted, hang around to roar

Like the sea shells left at the shore


3. Journey


Told me your feelings were strange

Bold I felt, in the truths it branch

Defied the rules that reign

From a heart pure as fresh rain 


Let's get somewhere safe n' sound

Your ways make me feel astound

Let's hear stories untold

Let's watch life unfold


Let's go places not spurned

Let's leave no stone unturned


2. A walk in the Park


Streaks of sunlight find its way through the clouds,

Away from limelight, away from the madding crowds,

Amidst pastures, flowers, trees and birds that embark

I strolled through the cobble-stoned paths in the park


I saw a pretty flower far away; in a jiffy it took my breath away

I walked towards the flower; engulfed in its thoughts all the way

Suddenly, I noticed the fence there it stood, which I tried to cross in vain

The barbed fence pierced my hands, and I turn away with a heart in pain


The gentle breeze swayed the flower, as if, it called me back

Thoughts hurled through my mind, like a lightning in dark,

Guilty I felt, tried to make it mine, May be its natural to leave it in its might

And I walked away, oft looking back, till the flower became out of my sight


The morning dew left tears in the flower; the mourning waft carried its mood

Little I knew, I disappear into far away place, thinking of flower in good

Drenched by the drizzle of despair, thoughts trickled – What does the flower feel, I wonder

Wavered by the wind of wishes, my thoughts drifted - Does it ever think of me, I ponder


1. Castle in the air


It feels like yesterday, we were -

the reigning rulers of the castle

Today, I’m lonely and in despair

left only pain, drain and the hassle.


From the height of triumphant feat

into the abyss of wrecking defeat,

the castle crumbled into rubble

and good times burst like bubbles.


Collecting the pieces of the fallen blocks,

again, I build the castle round the clock.

Words they said reverberate in my ears

“It’s vain to build castles in the air.”


© Jeevan Kumar Ravindran