In prose and verse, I scribble these words ...

Riddle List:


7. Symbol of Liberty

6. The Enclave.

5. A Pioneer

4. Name 'It'

3. The Institution

2. The sculptures on the building

1. Earth, Air, Fire and Water



7. Symbol of Liberty


Born abroad, now adorns once capital city,

Proclaimed independence, an icon of liberty,

Rests near erstwhile ‘Western Ocean’,

Represents freedom of a proud nation.


What is the ‘Icon of liberty’ mentioned in the riddle?


It is not the obvious choice.


6. The Enclave


An enclave where ideologies tower,

A metonym to seat of power.

Here some conclave, some preach

decisions that have a global reach.

The elected congregate to serve

Country, under God, to preserve.


- Name the ‘enclave’ (City).


5. A Pioneer


Pioneered a profession ensued by Countless

The Enchantress of Numbers, a Countess.

Microsoft engraved the picturesque face

Of a Poet’s daughter with aristocratic grace


- Who is the lady?

- Who is her father?

- In Which profession did she act as a Pioneer?


4. Name 'It'


Rags to riches, many it transforms

Means to an end, many it performs

Silver coin, prevailed in trucial states -

It means, more to many crucial fates


- Name what is the 'it' mentioned in the riddle?


3. Find the Institution:


“With its head high, contoured in a no dip zone

Searching heavenly bodies, lies in a land of God’s own”


1. Find the city

2. Find the institution


It is Located in India


2. The sculptures on the building


Clothed in flowing gown and cape, A woman -

Integrity in the center, protecting the works of man!

Unclothed with flow of muscles, minds and dexterity -

Men, on her sides embody sources of prosperity

Waves on pediment’s either ends symbolize influence -

From Ocean-to-ocean, it adorns the abode of affluence.


1. Name the institution where the sculptures described in the riddle is located.

2. What is the name given to these sculptures?

3. Name the Institution:


The city is the financial capital of the world


1. Earth, Air, Fire and Water


Cornerstone laid by Freemasons on Earth

Gratitude it epitomize, by its birth

The Obelisk now stands tall in the Air

In dusk, it shines like a beacon of Fire

Casting its reflection in a pool of Water,

Reflecting memories of a great liberator.


- Name the structure the described in the riddle.



 (c) Jeevan Kumar Ravindran